University Fees 2024: The Cost of Studying in South Africa

University Fees 2024: The Cost of Studying in South Africa

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Overview of South African Universities

There are over 20 public universities in South Africa, each with varying tuition fees based on their policies, study types, and durations. Notably, 12 local universities rank among the world’s top tertiary institutions for 2024, as per Times Higher Education. The ranking considers global performance across teaching, research, industry, and international outlook.

Global Rankings

  • The University of Cape Town leads in South Africa, ranking 167th globally.
  • Stellenbosch University and the University of the Witwatersrand follow closely in the 301-350 band.
  • Local universities provide an affordable option for quality education, contrasting with the popular choices of studying abroad in the USA, UK, Australia, and Germany.

Tuition Fees in 2024

According to data from Old Mutual, the average cost of sending a graduate to university in South Africa was R55,900 in 2023. This cost is expected to rise to R95,700 by 2030 and reach R177,200 by 2038.

Fee Breakdown

BusinessTech delved into the cost of a year’s study at various universities around the country. The fees mentioned below are for first-year studies in 2024 and serve as approximations, excluding additional costs like textbooks, travel, and residency.

  • University of Cape Town:
  • BA: R71,400
  • BCom: R66,140 to R98,140
  • BSc: R78,500
  • LLB: R72,570
  • BEng: R80,750 to R84,060
  • University of the Witwatersrand:
  • BA: R49,430 to R65,100
  • BCom: R54,800 to R74,370
  • BSc: R45,430 to R70,430
  • LLB: R41,820 to R73,000
  • BEng: R60,060
  • Stellenbosch University:
  • BA: R55,036
  • BCom: R57,006
  • BSc: R66,358
  • LLB: R55,841
  • BEng: R74,487
  • University of KwaZulu Natal:
  • BA: R49,628
  • BCom: R53,089
  • BSc: R45,728 to R61,408
  • LLB: R50,404
  • BEng: R59,583
  • University of Pretoria:
  • BA: R37,000 to R59,000
  • BCom: R48,000 to R60,000
  • BSc: R51,000 to R66,000
  • LLB: R47,000 to R56,000
  • BEng: R54,000 to R64,000
  • Rhodes University:
  • BA: R58,050
  • BCom: R63,510
  • BSc: R60,392
  • LLB: R65,119
  • Note: BEng not offered
  • University of Johannesburg:
  • BA: R45,710 to R56,470
  • BCom: R49,318 to R74,860
  • BSc: R71,790 to R79,860
  • LLB: R46,240 to R53,100
  • BEng: R54,040 to R66,810
  • University of Free State:
  • BA: R55,470
  • BCom: R55,830
  • BSc: R49,555 to R74,620
  • LLB: R45,390
  • Note: BEng not offered

Note: These fee estimates are based on 2024 data available on the respective university websites at the time of publication or on 2023 fees.

Q&A Section

South African university fees stand out as more affordable options compared to their international counterparts. However, the landscape is diverse, with tuition fees varying among local universities due to factors like policies, study types, and durations.1.

Important Considerations:

It’s crucial to note that the provided fees exclusively cover tuition. Additional costs such as textbooks, travel, and residency are not included. In some scenarios, international students may face double the fees compared to their local South African counterparts.1.

South African university fees generally present a more budget-friendly option than international ones. However, the variation among local universities is evident, influenced by policies, study types, and durations. The fees specified solely pertain to tuition and do not encompass extra expenses like textbooks and residency2.

University Fees 2024 Description

2024 tuition fees for popular degrees at South African universities. Understand the cost variations and factors influencing the affordability of local education. Make informed decisions about your academic journey.

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