Airlink is Introducing a Variety of Job Opportunities


Airlink Job Opportunities:

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Flight Attendants

Johannesburg (Post Expires: 31 Dec 2023)

Ensure passenger safety, adhere to company policies, and deliver excellent customer service on Airlink flights. Positions available in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Flight Operations AME

Johannesburg (Post Expires: 31 Dec 2023)

Maintain and service a fleet of modern turbine-powered aircraft in the line maintenance department. Positions available in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Nelspruit, and Durban.

Technical Support Pilot

Johannesburg (Post Expires: 31 Dec 2023)

Responsible for aircraft operation, training, and administrative tasks. Collaborate with team members and ensure safety. Positions available in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Airlink Cleaner

Johannesburg (REF: C-ACS) (Post Expires: 31 Dec 2023)

Perform cleaning duties for Airlink facilities and aircraft following maintenance and cleaning procedures.

Airlink Ramp Driver

Johannesburg (REF: RD-JNB-23) (Post Expires: 31 Dec 2023)

Efficiently transport cargo, catering, crew, and ground staff on the airport apron. Assist with other duties as required by the Regional Manager.

Social Media Specialist

Johannesburg (REF: MKT-SMS-0623) (Post Expires: 10 Aug 2023)

Coordinate and manage Airlink’s social media activities, engage with customers, and collaborate with marketing partners to create successful campaigns.

Aircraft Lavatory Cleaner

Johannesburg (REF: ACS-LAV-0623) (Post Expires: 03 Jul 2023)

Maintain cleanliness of aircraft lavatories and lavatory systems according to procedures and schedules.

Cleaner Team Leader

Johannesburg (REF: ACS-CTL-0623) (Post Expires: 03 Jul 2023)

Oversee a team of Cleaners responsible for maintaining cleanliness of Airlink’s facilities and aircraft.

Aviation Safety Officer

Johannesburg (REF: RISK-ASO-0623) (Post Expires: 03 Jul 2023)

Assist in coordinating operational safety measures throughout the company.

Occupational Health & Safety Specialist

Johannesburg (REF: RISK-OHSS-0623) (Post Expires: 03 Jul 2023)

Manage Airlink’s Safety, Health, and Environment Management System.

Passenger Handling Agent

Sikhupe (Post Expires: 03 Jul 2023)

Handle passenger baggage and assist with inquiries, ticket sales, and reservations.

Passenger Handling Agent

Richards Bay (Post Expires: 03 Jul 2023)

Ensure efficient handling of passenger baggage and cargo on and off the aircraft.

Crew Controller Supervisor

Johannesburg (REF: FO-CCS-0623) (Post Expires: 29 Jun 2023)

Manage operational rosters, provide support to crew controllers, and report to the flight operations Logistics Manager.

Airlink Crew Controller

Johannesburg (REF: FO-CC-0623) (Post Expires: 29 Jun 2023)

Manage daily operational rosters for flight crews.

Passenger Handling Agent

George (Post Expires: 29 Jun 2023)

Handle passengers and their baggage with professionalism, assist with inquiries, ticket sales, and reservations. Positions available in airlink George.

Please note that the above job opportunities are subject to specific requirements and application procedures.


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