Repair Shop Assistant | Everything You Need to Know

Everything You Need to Know About Being a Repair Shop Assistant at Motus

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Job Overview

Repair Shop Assistant?

Are you interested in working as a Repair Shop Assistant, you’re in the right place. This article will delve into the responsibilities, qualifications, and skills required for this role.


As a Repair Shop Assistant at Motus Toyota Parktown, you’ll play a crucial role in vehicle maintenance and repair. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Assisting technicians in vehicle repairs as per instructions.
  • Removing and replacing parts or units from vehicles.
  • Jacking up vehicles and placing trestles safely.
  • Lubricating and changing oils according to manual specifications.
  • Removing and replacing wheels, air filters, and oil filters.
  • Diagnosing brake wear and replacing brakes.
  • Conducting pre-delivery inspections on new and used cars.
  • Removing and fitting batteries.
  • Maintaining cleanliness in the workshop.

Qualifications and Experience

To qualify for this position, you’ll need:

  • At least a Grade 12 qualification.
  • A clear criminal record.

Skills and Personal Attributes

While technical skills are advantageous, the following attributes are essential:

  • Customer orientation.
  • Team player mentality.

Employment Equity Policy

Motus Holdings Limited actively promotes employment equity, giving priority to internal candidates in line with this policy. Moreover, the company also considers external applicants, ensuring compliance with Employment Equity goals.

Repair Shop Assistant Q&A Section

Q1: What qualifications do I need?

A: You must have at least a Grade 12 qualification and a clear criminal record.

Q2: What are the key responsibilities

A: Responsibilities include assisting technicians, replacing parts, conducting inspections, and maintaining workshop cleanliness.

Q3: Is prior experience required for this role?

A: While prior experience is beneficial, it’s not always necessary. Motus Toyota Parktown values the potential and a willingness to learn.

Discover the ins and outs of being a Repair Shop Assistant at Motus Toyota Parktown. Learn about responsibilities, qualifications, and more. Start your career journey today!

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