How to submit an income tax return (ITR12) SARS

How to Submit an Income Tax Return (ITR12) in Respect of Individuals

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The South African Revenue Service (SARS) requires taxpayers to actively submit their income tax returns. This crucial process allows SARS to compute tax liabilities based on reported income and qualifying expenses, potentially resulting in tax refunds for individuals. Navigating this system becomes paramount, particularly during the annual Tax Season.

Channels for Submission | Income Tax Return

1. eFiling on Your Computer

2. SARS MobiApp

  • Employ the SARS MobiApp for a convenient completion and submission of your Income Tax Return (ITR12).

3. Electronic Filing at the SARS Branch

  • Head to a SARS branch for electronic filing with the assistance of an agent. Ensure you bring all supporting documentation and schedule an appointment beforehand.

4. Manual Submission at the SARS Branch

  • Request a return to be posted, manually complete it, and submit it at a SARS branch.

Essential Supporting Documents

When finalizing your return, have these supporting documents within reach:

  • IRP5/IT3(a) certificates
  • Medical certificates and additional medical aid documents
  • Pension and retirement annuity certificates
  • Banking details
  • Travel logbook (applicable for travel allowance recipients)
  • Tax certificates for investment income (IT3(b))
  • Confirmation of diagnosis of disability (ITR-DD)
  • Information on capital gain transactions
  • Voluntary Disclosure Programme (VDP) Agreement (applicable for years prior to 17 February 2010)
  • Financial statements (e.g., business income)
  • Any other pertinent documentation.

Who Should Submit? income tax return

Submitting an income tax return is not obligatory for all taxpayers. Click here to assess if you fall into the category requiring submission.

How do I register for tax?

Passive: Tax registration is required by taxpayers. E-filing registration can be done through several methods, such as automatic registration during the initial e-filing setup without a tax reference number. Employers can also register their employees through the e-filing platform or directly at a SARS branch office.

Active: To register for tax, you have three options:

Automatic Registration for Personal Income Tax:

  • When registering for SARS eFiling for the first time without a tax reference number, the system will automatically register you and issue a tax reference number.
  • A valid South African ID is required for e-filing registration.
  • To register on eFiling, click on “Register” and follow the prompts. The same process can be done through the SARS MobiApp. If you need assistance with eFiling registration, watch our tutorial video on the SARS YouTube channel.
  1. Register Through Your Employer with SARS eFiling:
  1. Register at a SARS Branch Office:
  • Visit a SARS branch where a service consultant can assist you with tax registration.
  • Find your nearest SARS branch and learn how to make an appointment. Note: Bring necessary supporting documents when visiting a branch.

If you’re unsure about your registration status, check with your employer, use the SARS Online Query System, or contact the SARS Contact Centre at 0800 00 7277.

To obtain a Notice of Registration (IT150), you can:

  • SMS SARS on 47277 with “TRN” followed by a space and your ID/passport/asylum-seeker number.
  • Submit a query matching SARS records.
  • Request it on the SARS MobiApp if you’re a registered eFiler.
  • Use eFiling to request the IT150 through the “SARS Registered Details” menu.
  • Ask Lwazi ChatBot on eFiling or the SARS MobiApp.

For automatic registration since July 2022, individuals receive an SMS and a letter from SARS, outlining their rights and obligations and guiding them on accessing SARS services.

Q&A Section income tax return

Q: What is eFiling?

A: eFiling is an online platform facilitated by SARS for the electronic submission of tax returns.

Q: Can I submit my return manually?

A: Absolutely, you can manually complete your return and submit it at a SARS branch.

Q: Are all taxpayers required to submit a return?

A: No, not all taxpayers need to submit an income tax return. Click here to verify if you fall into this category.

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