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Main Purpose of the Job
Provide a messenger service to the relevant laboratory and Provincial Hospital

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Key Job Responsibility

■ Collect specimens and deliver reports to the hospital wards according to set procedures to facilitate work flow and report delivery.
■ Sort
and deliver collected specimen to different laboratory departments.
■ To collect and deliver mail to and from the correct staff members to
ensure that mail is not lost or damaged.
■ Sorts and distributes internal/courier mail in the receiving office to ensure correct delivery of
mail to departments.
■ To collect posts from the post office and distribute to relevant departments.
■ To ensure that shipping lists are filed
according to the SOP.
■ Take telephonic messages in the transport office to ensure operational standards and company image are maintained.

Minimum Messengers requirements & key competency

To meet the requirements for a job that includes the following qualifications:

  • Grade 10 essential
  • Driver’s License essential
  • 1 (one) month on-the-job training essential
  • Previous experience in a Laboratory environment
  • Knowledge of health and safety
  • Basic understanding of health and safety
  • Knowledge of logistics of campus/hospital/laboratory departments
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Communication skills
  • Time management
  • Good driving skills
  • Interpersonal skills in dealing with clients

Here are the relevant skills and qualifications that can help meet these requirements: (Messengers)

  1. Analytical skills: This skill is important for conducting laboratory tests and analyzing data1.
  2. Detail-oriented: Attention to detail is crucial in a laboratory environment to ensure accuracy and precision in experiments and record-keeping12.
  3. Interpersonal skills: Strong interpersonal skills are necessary for collaborating with colleagues, communicating effectively, and interacting with clients12.
  4. Communication skills: Clear and effective communication is essential for conveying information, documenting findings, and working as part of a team25.
  5. Time management: The ability to prioritize tasks, manage deadlines, and work efficiently is important in a laboratory setting2.
  6. Knowledge of health and safety: Understanding and following health and safety protocols is critical to maintain a safe working environment25.
  7. Basic understanding of health and safety: Familiarity with general health and safety principles is important for maintaining a safe laboratory environment2.
  8. Knowledge of logistics of campus/hospital/laboratory departments: Understanding the logistics and operations of the laboratory and related departments is beneficial for coordinating tasks and resources2.
  9. Good driving skills: If a driver’s license is essential, having good driving skills is necessary for transportation-related tasks2.
  10. Previous experience in a Laboratory environment: Having prior experience working in a laboratory setting provides practical knowledge and familiarity with laboratory procedures4.
  11. Grade 10 essential: Meeting the educational requirement of at least a Grade 10 level of education2.
  12. 1 (one) month on-the-job training essential: Being open to and completing on-the-job training to acquire specific skills and knowledge required for the job1.
  13. Interpersonal skills in dealing with clients: The ability to interact professionally and effectively with clients or patients in a laboratory setting2. 1 2 4 6

Enquiries regarding Messengers application can be directed to Shaun Govender at (031) 327 6727) or via email at Shaun Govender is a Human Resource/Employee Relations Practitioner at NHLS 1 2.

If you meet the requirements, kindly forward a concise CV to The relevant Practitioner/Administrator (Human Resources) by email or logging on to the NHLS career page (I-Recruitment), quoting the reference number and the job title.

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