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Job Title: EPWP Infrastructure General Worker Operators (Water Softening Plants) – 7 Positions

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general worker

Monthly Stipend: R3,500.00

Locations: Positions available at Helene Franz Hospital [2], Lebowakgomo Hospital [1], Zebediela Hospital [1], Dilokong Hospital [1], Maphutha L Malatji Hospital [1], Thabazimbi Hospital [1]


A) Qualifications and Competencies

  • Candidates must have a Junior Certificate / Abet Level 4 Certificate with 1-year experience or Grade 8 with 2 years’ experience in general Water Softening Plant and/or Plumbing work.
  • It is preferable to possess an Appropriate Competency Certificate as a Water Softening Plant operator or in Plumbing Works. Additional relevant certificates will be considered advantageous.
  • Please provide a reference letter demonstrating your basic experience in Water Softening Plant operation or Plumbing Works.

B) Knowledge and Skills

  • Knowledge of the OHSA Act (Occupational Health and Safety Act).
  • Familiarity with the operation of equipment, tools, and materials.
  • Understanding of the general built environment.
  • Demonstrated problem-solving, planning, organizing, and decision-making skills.
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work effectively in a team setting.
  • Candidates may undergo a practical test in water softening plant operation as part of the selection process.

Key Performance Areas:

  • To adhere to standards and actively maintain and repair technical faults related to Water Softening Plants operation, take the following steps:
  • Identify the problem: Water softeners can have various problems, such as salt tank problems, timer problems, power problems, resin bed problems, clogs or blockages, and more 1 2 4 5. Troubleshooting the problem is the first step to fixing it.
  • Perform repairs: Once the problem has been identified, repairs can be made. Some problems can be fixed with simple tricks, while others may require more complicated repairs 3 4 6.
  • Conduct tests: After repairs have been made, tests should be conducted on the equipment and facilities to ensure they meet specifications 1.
  • Perform scheduled servicing: Regular maintenance and servicing of equipment and facilities can help prevent problems from occurring in the first place 6.
  • Ensure quality assurance: Quality assurance of serviced and maintained equipment and facilities is important to ensure they are functioning properly and safely 1.
  • Maintain a job record/register: Keeping a comprehensive job record/register of all maintained and repaired faults can help with future troubleshooting and maintenance 1.
  • Prepare and submit reports: Efficiently preparing and submitting required reports is important for record-keeping and accountability1.
  • By adhering to standards, one can actively maintain and repair technical faults associated with the operation of Water Softening Plants using the following steps

Helene Franz Hospital [2]
Lebowakgomo Hospital [1]
Zebediela Hospital [1]
Dilokong Hospital [1]
Maphutha L Malatji Hospital [1]
Thabazimbi Hospital [1]

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