Closing Date: 2024/02/29
Reference Number: TSH/2023/44838
Division: Elections
Business Unit: Electoral Matters
Job Type: Election Contract
Location: Municipal Office
Province: Gauteng
Municipality: TSH – City of Tshwane

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Minimum Requirements:

  1. Must be an SA citizen.
  2. Must be a registered voter.
  3. In the last five years must not have held political office been a candidate in an election or have been politically active for a political party or campaigning for a political party.
  4. In the last five years must not have been elected to office in an organization that has party political affiliations or aims.
  5. As far as possible, must have some training or professional/administrative experience. (Consideration will be given to the youth and unemployed under this provision.)
  6. Must not have been convicted of a serious criminal offense (s).

Competencies required:

  1. Must be proficient in any of the local languages of the municipality.
  2. Must always demonstrate impartiality.
  3. Professional and courteous conduct.

Some of the responsibilities of the job (subject to the position appointed to):

  1. Conduct all related voting and results activities.
  2. Conduct or assist with the collection of addresses.
  3. Conduct or assist with the completion of forms.
  4. Conduct or assist with the operation of the Voter Management Device (VMD),
  5. Tidy or assist with tidying the voting station before and after voting.
  6. Sign or oversee the signing of the attendance register as confirmation of attendance. 7. Conduct yourself professionally and impartially.
  7. Safeguard IEC materials.
  8. Conduct or assist with queue management at the voting station.
  9. Prioritize voters with Disabilities.
  10. Conduct or assist with the counting of votes.
  11. Conduct or assist with roll-back-related tasks.

There’s a unique job opening at the Electoral Commission where you can play a key role in enhancing electoral democracy processes. They’re on the lookout for someone to assist in coordinating and implementing voting and results programs at the voting station level.

Here are the important details:

Candidate Profile:

  • Applicants should not have a high party political profile.
  • Successful permanent candidates will enter performance contracts.
  • Foreign qualifications require SAQA evaluation.

electoral-staff Application Requirements:

  • Submit an updated CV.
  • Include copies of all qualification documents.
  • Provide a copy of your ID.
  • If applicable, submit a copy of your driver’s license.

Ensure you have everything in order, as not submitting the requested documents will lead to the non-consideration of your application.

Selection Process:

  • Recommended candidates undergo risk assessments.
  • Verification includes CV, qualifications, criminal, and credit assessments.
  • Appointments will be confirmed upon positive verification.

Additional Information:

  • A twelve-month probation period applies to permanent employees.
  • The Electoral Commission will only correspond with short-listed candidates.

Keep in mind, that the Electoral Commission reserves the right to make decisions based on service delivery needs, and positions may be withdrawn, re-advertised, or filled through transfer or deployment.


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