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REF NO: REFS/016192

Directorate: Pharmacy

Those who have already expressed interest in this position are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity and reapply.

SALARY: 16,852.75 per month (plus benefits)

CENTRE: Kalafong Provincial Tertiary Hospital


Grade 12 or equivalent qualification. Minimum of eighteen months’ administrative working experience. Excellent communication and administrative skills. The ability to write reports and communicate effectively verbally and in writing. PC skills required are Word-Excel-Office-Suite. The listed requirements are essential for the role, as it requires someone with a good foundation of education, experience in a similar role, and the necessary skills to be successful. The ability to write reports, communicate effectively, problem solve, and use computers are all essential for this type of role. Additionally, the ability to do calculations and good analytical skills are also needed in order to be successful.


Maintaining records of goods received and auditing them. Collate supplier and internal documents for authorization and force CPD. Documents should be gathered and filed in accordance with the department’s standard operating procedure. Manage the associated administrative tasks. Involvement in capturing cyclical and full stock-taking processes. The Pharmacy Manager / Drug Controller may assign other duties to you. Completing and submitting RSO1 for approval to the appropriate authorities. Assure accuracy and quality in all tasks, while adhering to all timelines and deadlines. Provide support and guidance to ensure that all team members are able to meet their objectives. Ensure effective communication between team members. Additionally, be a positive role model within the team, displaying professionalism, commitment, and enthusiasm in all duties.

ENQUIRIES: Contact Ms. T. Tel No: (012) 3 18 70 66

To submit an application, VIA ONLINE at You can sign the register book or Preferably deliver it by hand to the KALAFONG Security Gate.

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