West Coast District

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SALARY DETAILS: The annual remuneration for this position is R202,233. This amount reflects the compensation provided on a yearly basis.

LOCATION: The place of work for this role is at the Louwville Community Clinic. You will be stationed at this specific healthcare facility.


To be eligible for consideration, the minimum educational requirement is a Senior Certificate or an equivalent qualification. Additionally, candidates should possess relevant administrative experience. The job necessitates a valid driver’s license (Code B/EB). Strong oral and written communication skills are essential, with proficiency in at least two of the three official languages spoken in the Western Cape. The ideal candidate should be competent in computer applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as possess data entry skills. Prior experience working with electronic systems used for patient and information management, such as PHCIS,,, Ideal Clinic, SINJANI, etc., is advantageous. Excellent filing and record-keeping abilities are required. The ability to perform effectively under pressure, meet deadlines, accept responsibility, and work independently as well as in a multidisciplinary team are vital competencies for this role.


In this position, you will fulfill various responsibilities. These include serving as the primary point of contact for the facility, overseeing the reception area, managing telephonic and client communication, and coordinating appointments. You will be responsible for maintaining accurate records, organizing and retrieving folders, locating archived folders, creating new folders, and disposing of unnecessary ones. Daily filing of patient folders and documents will be expected, along with general administrative duties. Managing and scheduling patient appointments will be part of your regular tasks. Additionally, you will be responsible for generating statistical reports on a daily and monthly basis. Adherence to service ethics, norms, and standards is crucial in carrying out your duties.

ENQUIRIES: For further information or inquiries regarding this position, you may contact Ms. AR Louw at the following telephone number: (022) 709-5066. (ADMINISTRATION CLERK)

APPLICATIONS: To apply for this position, please submit your application to the Manager of Medical Services at Vredenburg Hospital. You can send your application to the following address: Private Bag X3, Vredenburg, 7380.

FOR ATTENTION: Kindly address your application to Ms. DI Links. Make sure to direct it specifically to Ms. DI Links to ensure that it reaches the appropriate person.

NOTE: Please note that there is no requirement for any form of payment during the application process. Be cautious of any requests for payment, as they are not part of the legitimate application procedure.

CLOSING DATE: The closing date for applications is 30 June 2023. Ensure that your application reaches the designated address before this date to be considered for the position. (ADMINISTRATION CLERK)

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