Admin Clerk Opportunity at the Provincial Tertiary Hospital

Admin Clerk – Infection Control
Reference Number refs 017418
Directorate Infection Control
Number of Posts 1
Package R202233.00- R235611.00
Enquiries Ms. H. MAPUNYA Tel No(011)9232277

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Grade 12 Certificate or original qualification with computer knowledge. A minimum of 1 to 2 times ’ experience as a data internee or Admin Clerk in a Hospital Environment.


Support the infection control team especially when out to do sanatorium rounds. Interpret and assay the surveillance system in the sanatorium. Circulate electronic surveillance reports to infection control directors, and internee data on lab track. Give reports timeously to help possible complaint outbreaks in the sanatorium.

share in infection control Department campaigns, support in vaccination sessions as data internee, keep records of all vaccines entered from the quarter, collect statistics for all Notifiable Medical Conditions, contemporize the Excel database for nosocomial infections and notifiable conditions on diurnal, monthly, and diurnal base, supports wards with all PPC outfit’s and report any broken and write work’s order for form.

ADMIN CLERK Position Important note

It is important that APPLICATIONS must only be delivered by hand to the Human Resource Office at THEMBISA Provincial Tertiary Hospital. The new Z83 form must be used for APPLICATION. Public Service Departments or the Internet have the operation form available at documents.

The new Z83 must be fully completed( please relate on the left side of Z83 special notes for clarity), it must be scribbled, signed, and completed in agreement with DPSA Circular 19 of 2022.

There must be a match between the information on the new Z83 and the Curriculum Vitae. All candidates shortlisted for an interview must present copies of their qualifications and other relevant documents at the time of the interview only.
labor force felicity Checks( PSC) – Verification( Reference checks give at least 3 of which one must be immediate director, the Department shall reserve the right to conduct verification beyond names handed, where necessary. Failure to submit all the applicable information preexisting the statement above will affect disqualify the candidate. Identity verification, qualifications verification, lawless record checks, credit/ financial stability checks, and employment verification. If you do not receive a response within three( 3) months after your operation ends, please accept that your operation was empty.

The recommended contenders will go for medical surveillance as demanded by the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Act 5/ 1993. Employer Department of Health position THEMBISA Provincial Tertiary Hospital ending

Criteria Questions Do you have a minimum of 1 to 2 times ’ experience as a data internee or Admin Clerk in Hospital Environment? Do you have a Grade 12 Certificate or original qualification with computer knowledge?

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